At News Headquarters we're changing the game

Publishers were once able to rely on subscriptions and advertising for revenue. However, with the evolution of the Internet, the world quickly moved to online content and users became unwilling to pay for material; forcing websites to run advertisements that contradict their readership and genre for only pennies on the dollar.

The publishing business model is broken, but News Headquarters is here to fix it. Our advanced technological platform is revolutionizing the way that publishers generate revenue.

If you’re a publishing outlet in need of authoritative news sources and a scalable, profitable revenue stream, then NHQ is for you. We link leading topical authorities and high profile brands with industry publishers in search of new streams of income. Publishers get the expert sources and information they need to produce newsworthy content and reap the benefits of increased readership and revenue. Our experienced team of reporters and editors work with publishers to generate pitches that fit their unique site.

Create high quality, trending, engaging articles, and profit from it. The NHQ Publishing Partnership Program has changed the game. The paradigm has shifted. Join us on the other side!

    NHQ Reporters interview top brands and craft pitches to supply our publishing partners.
  • Editors
    Our editors review all content, relieving you of the tedious task.
    We pay you to release newsworthy content based on your site’s editorial standards.